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A dazzling display of unusual and out of the ordinary creations are currently residing here in Reston Town Center. It’s the current Focus Exhibition at the Greater Reston Arts Center, and we’ve never seen anything quite like it!

"Unintentional Drawing" by Craig Kraft

The neon display outside has caught the eye of many of our followers and passers-by on twitter over the past few weeks. They’re by nationally recognized neon sculptor, Craig Kraft. Craig departs form his iconic linear forms in a bold experimental project called Unintentional Drawings. If you pass by the Greater Reston Arts Center, you’ll see these neon transformations of random doodles and light!

"Praise" by Joseph Barbaccia

Similarly intriguing is the display of Joseph Barbaccia’s aquarium-like installation called Currents. Six glittering, biomorphic sculptures are set in a dimly lit, dark-green gallery and have names ever bit as whimsical as the objects themselves: Praise, Ridicule, Happiness, Suffering, Loss and Destruction, based on the Buddhist principle of eight worldly concerns.

These exhibits and more can be found at the Greater Reston Arts Center (12001 Market Street Suite #103 Reston, VA 20190) through February 20th.

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