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If you’ve driven down Market Street at Reston Town Center recently, you’ve probably seen the construction going on at Bow Tie Cinemas. They’re giving the building a more modern look while still capturing the charm of Reston Town Center and the elegance of a four-generation family-owned cinema.  Don’t worry, they’re an open, functioning construction site and will continue to stay serving customers throughout the renovations.

Check out what what’s being improved:

New Theaters
The best part about these new theaters are the bigger, better and comfier seats. All the seats are luxuriously padded leather and each row is about 1 ½ the size of the old seats. That means more leg room (hallelujah!). Every seat gets an arm rest that can be put up and includes a cup holder – no more trying to balance a drink and popcorn on your lap! We knew Bow Tie Cinemas was serious about this renovation was when they included padding underneath the arm rest to create a bench for some mid-movie snuggling.

The new amphitheater-style seating makes sure that even the smallest of movie-goers can see over their neighbor’s head. This height also allows for a hallway entrance into the theater, keeping out noise and light for a more immersive movie experience.

The theaters are closed on rotation for renovations, so the theater as a whole NEVER closes during this process.  Currently eight theaters are open, with five renovated and three awaiting their transformation. Next week the final three will close, and only new theaters will be available for seating!  At the unveiling, we look forward to seeing eleven beautiful new theaters!

It’s not just the seats that are getting bigger – the screens are too! After the renovation and knocking out some wall space, screen sizes will measure 30 feet and larger. The largest screen will be 55 feet and IMAX capable. Bow Tie Cinemas transferred to completely digital movies about a year ago and currently have four 3D projectors, but will have up to six 3D-capable theaters when they’re finished.

Who doesn’t love to munch on delicious snacks during a movie? (Just be careful not to chew too loudly!) Bow Tie is completely revamping their concession stands. The one downstairs is sparkly and  is fully functional.

The second, bigger, concession stand will be upstairs, offering twice as many registers, two huge popcorn poppers and two fryers.  The fryers allow for an expanded menu including more substantial snacks that can be taken into the theater. Did someone say dinner and a movie?

The outside of the cinema is also getting a face lift. Bow Tie Cinemas signs now stand in place of the original large marquis, however there will still be a non-digital marquis above the box office to keep the nostalgic feel. Behind the new marble-covered box office, there is a digital screen for show times, and if you look up, there’s a shockingly bright red cheery ceiling.

Nothing will be left out during this renovation – the lobby and the restrooms also get an upgrade. Restrooms were outfitted with new fixtures and Dyson air hand blade dryers while the lobby will be re-arranged with six new electronic ticket machines on the right wall as you enter, new wall paper and light fixtures, and the reception desk will reside in the center of the lobby under the escalators. This will give the lobby a natural flow to the concession stands and theaters, while creating an almost romantic and exciting décor. They are also adding a new party room adjacent to the lobby for birthdays and celebrations.  Bow Tie Cinemas opens around noon Monday through Thursday while the heavy construction occurs in the early mornings, so your movie will not be disturbed by loud noises.
Construction is just about at the half-way mark and is expected to be finished this fall. Stay tuned for details on the grand re-opening!

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